Please Work With Me As I Am ready To Cooperate With You And Give You A Sense Of Belonging — Atiku Urges Wike, Others

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The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2023 election, Atiku Abubakar has urged his fellow contestants in the primary election to work with him for the victory of the party.

Abubakar said this on Sunday morning in Abuja in his acceptance speech after he was declared winner of the PDP primary and party’s candidate.

He described the primary election that produced him freest and a well-fought election, pledging to work with the co-aspirants and give them a sense of belonging if elected.

“Let me also use this opportunity to call on my fellow contestants and to assure them that I am ready to cooperate and work with them and give them a sense of belonging in this party and our next government.

“Therefore, my fellow compatriots, I want to appreciate your efforts in deepening our democratic processes in this party. It was a well-fought primary election.

“ So, I commend you for that and I look forward to working with you very closely. So that together we can build this party to a level where we can take over the government,” Abubakar said.

He also appealed to aggrieved party members to return to the PDP, pledging that their grievances would be addressed.

Abubakar described the exercise as the freest election conducted by the party, saying the outcome remains historical in bringing fundamental changes to governance and democracy.

“Today, we are making another history. The history, which we believe will bring about fundamental changes in governance and also in our political processes.

“Today, we have witnessed another one of the freest elections to be conducted by our great party.

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“Today marks another milestone in the process of our democratic gains,” he said

The former vice president reiterated his pledge to unify the country as well as deal with its economic and security challenges.

He recalled that in his declaration he referred to himself as a unifier and pledged to unify the country.

“I am going to deal decisively with our security challenges in this country. I also pledge to confront our economic challenges, which were caused by the APC government.

“The PDP made Nigeria one of the most prosperous countries on the African continent.

“We implemented economic reforms that brought about jobs, and prosperity in this country,” the gains according to him had been wiped out, pledging to return them.

Njenje Media News recalls that Abubakar polled 371 votes to defeat his close contender, Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers, who polled 237 votes.



  1. Atiku knew he is not the choice of the people , that he won because he bid high and also he got the leverage he want because Governor Onyeson Nwaike reap what he sow, and I believe Atiku understand this is not going to be easy for him , nomatter whom he chose to be his vice president in South East or South South or South West etc . The imposition of the North show that , they cannot be trusted , it is a big lesson from the South . Atiku has selfish interest and Represent the mind set of so called Northern cabal. Buhari said he will wide Boko Hariam within 90 days in the office , Buhari promise making Nigeria a heaven , today where is Nigeria , Atiku did not have good records from the civil service position to political level , he have promote corruptions , what remain for him now is to takeover NNPC and oil and Gas etc .

    How can someone who could not stand on his Twitter about the death of Deborah , will stand on his words , since the killings and kidnaping going around the country how many times Atiku condemn the killings , how many times he hold conference about Nigerian situations , Atiku is lying , his promises is fake, he has so many issues with Corruption manipulation with Kenya , he has bad records with American bank etc .

    Atiku is not thinking about Nigerians and the future of Nigeria, he is after his selfish position and consolidation , nobody should believe or trust in his promises , Atiku did not stand for future Nigeria, he is the gap of continuity , he is coming as a boss and believe he has people to used to do the work , someone who buy the delegates with over 10 billion on internal politic, this is investment for him. I am sorry people who will hope on Atiku for better Nigeria , as from tomorrow the propaganda of how good and how feed all Almajiri will start to fly all to deceive the poor mass, as they do during the time of Buhari ,

    Let nobody listen to then , they will make promise of opposite of what they will do, if you have ear , hear it now , they are going to launched a heavy propaganda which is right now on pipe line . we have to show this guys that democracy is the power of People not money , 2023 is freedom and silvery . whoever that vote them accept to continue with silvery and who ever that did not vote them is looking for freedom . voting them is continuity of suffering and rejecting them means for new Nigeria . It is time for you to decide either to die in silvery , food today hungry tomorrow or to set you and your coming generation free .


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