The Nature Of The Fundamental Flaws Of The 1999 Constitution For Which Reasons NINAS Insists That The Solution To Nigeria’s Litany Of Woes Cannot Be Solved By Elections

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Tony Nnadi

28 August 2022 

Responding to a flurry of suggestions by those who agree with NINAS that Nigeria’s Unitary Constitution (1999) is the problem with Nigeria, but who erroneously think that we should by Elections 2023, recruit a President who will somehow fix the Constitution and address the many debilitating issues of Nigeria, including Insecurity, Corruption, Impunity, Violent Agitations for Self-Determination and Resource-Control, Economic Devastation, Infrastructural Decay and general hopelessness culminating in the State Failure we are now confronted with, Tony Nnadi wrote as follows: 

“The matter goes way beyond the monumental impediments placed on the path of a President.

The most fundamental issues with that Constitution is that it actually hijacks and confiscates our very Sovereignty by way of the false claim in its Preamble that “We the People” firmly and solemnly agreed to live in unity as one indivisible and indissoluble Union, when in reality we never met nor agreed to be in this one political Union. 

It goes on in the same Preamble to a second false claim that we made, enacted and gave ourselves that Constitution.

Under the first falsehood, our lands and people are forcefully conscripted into the master-servant Union that we do not at all subscribe to, and over which we had fought a very costly war to extricate ourselves in response to a Genocide (1967-1970). 

Under the second false claim, we are credited with the creationof the 36-States/774 Local Governments structure that make us negligible permanent political minorities, as well as the 68-item Exclusive List that confiscates practically ALL our Economic Assets (including oil, gas and huge maritime assets) along with the powers to work those assets; that completely strip us of the right to bear arms and secure our people and territory; that forbid us from generating and transmitting electricity on an industrial scale; that exclude us from electing who will govern or represent us, amongst many other debilitations. 

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68 solid impediments and shackles to our safety, survival and development as a people, emplaced by an enemy that sought to exterminate us from the face of the earth between 1966 and 1970, in utter defiance of our Sovereignty and negation of our right to Life and Self-Determination. 

Between those two false claims, we are simply locked down in a Union of death, attrition and backwardness, along with others whom we have now assembled into an Alliance (NINAS), against the common enemy (the Fulani Caliphate) which locked us down in servitude and is now on a Conquest and Extermination onslaught against us. 

The whole fight for our Liberation and Freedom essentially translates to an attempt to free ourselves and our land from these shackles and bondage outlined above, even when some of our compatriots loosely describe it “Biafra Restoration” or “Yoruba Nation” or “Resource Control” or “Restructuring”. 

It all boils down to determining for ourselves how we live in our space, ie SELF-DETERMINATION.

Under the Rules set out in that Constitution, whoever wins any Election to be President, Governor, Senator (or other office) MUST first swear to Defend, Uphold and Govern by that Constitution as a condition for ascending to that office. 

This comprehensively shuts out the prospects of a new President, Governor or Senator changing that Constitution or its heinous impositions. 

The remediation of our situation of bondage, essentially translates to the complete overthrow of that Constitution. 

It took over 200 years to clamp us down into the bondage we are in. The 20-year Intervention Design deployed by the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and its MNN Allies (now NINAS) in 1999 was to create a consensus AGAINST, and that ISOLATES the enemy, and DELEGITIMIZES its chief-instrument of power (the so-called Constitution). 

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These may sound academic to some of our people who have not paid enough attention to understand what a humongous undertaking it is to break the Caliphate prison we are held, in order to free ourselves and others from that prison. 

At a time we have by the help of God, built that Consensus and activated its enforcement by way of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure, those railroading us to another round of National Elections in 2023, mandated by the very same 1999 Constitution, are inviting us to the reinforcement of our own damnation, no matter who wins those Elections. Political POWER is being dangled but our SOVEREIGNTY is the real cost for that power if per chance candidate Peter Obi wins, but the bigger danger of wobbling to the 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution is that we are inadvertently aiding the Caliphate Conquest onslaught against us.

A head-on collision between the Forces of Freedom and the Forces of Bondage certainly lies ahead and the Dividing Line will be whether we are counted on the side of sustaining the 1999 Constitution or on the side of Taking Down the 1999 Constitution.”

Tony Nnadi, 

August 28, 2022


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