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Dennis Otuaro Who “Allegedly” Paid N3 Billion Bribe to Secure Political Appointment, Yet to Receive Appointment Letter


Three months have passed since Chief Dennis Otuaro allegedly paid a staggering N3 billion in bribes to secure his appointment as the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP). According to reports shared by Jackson Udeh on his Twitter page, the bribes were funneled to the families of Bola Tinubu, including First Lady Remi Tinubu, Seyi Tinubu, Iyabo, and several other rogue Presidential Aides. Despite this hefty payment, Otuaro is yet to receive his official appointment letter.

The appointment was announced in March 2024 by Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale through a Press Statement. Insiders claim Ngelale himself pocketed millions for facilitating the announcement. However, reports suggest that President Bola Tinubu became aware of the bribery scandal and has since refused to sign the letter appointing Otuaro as the head of the PAP.

In an audacious move, Otuaro has reportedly started functioning as the Administrator of the PAP despite lacking an official appointment letter. He has been signing documents, attending events, and enjoying the benefits associated with the position. This situation highlights a broader issue within Bola Tinubu’s administration, where political appointments are allegedly secured through hefty bribes paid to aides and influential name droppers.

This unfolding scandal raises serious questions about the integrity of the appointment process and the prevalence of corruption within the highest levels of government. As more details emerge, it remains to be seen how the administration will address these allegations and whether Otuaro will ultimately receive his long-awaited appointment letter.

For more information, visit Jackson Udeh’s Twitter page.

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