The Backstory Of The Residents Permit For Fulani Quartered In Military Barracks In Igboland And Elsewhere In The South And Middle-Belt

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Tony Nnadi,
NINAS Secretariat,

As the LNC and its NINAS Allies blocked the first few steps of newly installed President Muhammadu
Buhari to launch his FULANIZATION and RUGA Campaign after he violently took power in 2015, Buhari in
some kind of exasperation, openly directed that all the bushes behind all the Military Barracks across 
Nigeria (traditionally used for training exercises) should be used to as Temporary Ranches for the large
army of “Fulani herdsmen” who had turned up everywhere, but who were being resisted everywhere
they went, pending the establishment of the RUGA (Fulani Colonies), the Buhari Government and its
Military and the National Assembly were forcefully pushing to establish across Nigeria.
The lost but found Identity/ Residents Permit from the illicit Fulani resident in the Army Barracks at
Ohafia is evidence that the said Buhari directive was carried out, and an unquantified number of Fulani
invaders are now ensconced in the bosom of Military Barracks across Nigeria.
It would be recalled that sometime in 2021, there was an incident in Okitipupa where a large convoy of
buses had brought in  and discharged Fulani young men into the Army Barracks there, prompting
widespread alarm by local vigilantes and indigenes who had been rebuffed and turned back as they
sought explanations from the Military Base where these Fulani passengers were taken into. The story
was all over the internet at the time.
I made this note to alert us that while we distract ourselves with the feel-good noise of “Biafra Nation”

and “Yoruba Nation” and impede the task of the strategic pushback required [for that wanted Self-
Determination], our adversary is digging in and deep into our midst in a manner that further
compromises our already precarious security situation.
For the non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, with the complete DELEGITIMIZATION of the 1999 Constitution
already accomplished by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS)
the only viable remediation strategy on the Table right now, against the unfolding catastrophe of Fulani
murderous conquest invasion is the immediate ENFORCEMENT of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional
Force Majeure (CFM), to immediately render the presence of the Fulani, in and out of uniform,
ILLEGITIMATE and UNTENABLE throughout the Alliance Territories, until the Union Dispute raised by
that CFM is resolved by REFERENDUMS.
Faster than any other mechanism, it is also this enforcement that will IMMEDIATELY activate the armed
Self-Defence component of the right to Self-Determination currently being asserted by Nigeria’s
indigenous nationalities in a manner to upend the instant criminalization of any effort at armed Self-
Defence under the defeated 1999 Constitution.
As usual, those who wish to argue are at liberty to go ahead but it is only a matter of little time for
things to crystallize beyond debate, but the cost of ignorance and delay will be reckoned in blood.