Biafra Group Says It Would Hoist Flag In Bakassi Peninsula, Set To Battle Nigeria, Cameroon To Retake Land

Protect Igbo Communities In Benue Or ESN Will Move In, IPOB Tells Governor Ortom

The Biafra Nations League, a secessionist group has said it is battle-ready to face both Cameroonian and Nigerian forces if peradventure they get attacked in their pursuit of hoisting the Biafran Flag in the Bakassi Peninsula.

The group said it does not recognize the ceding of the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon by the Nigerian Government, adding that this is why its operational headquarters are in the region.

In a statement jointly signed by the Deputy National leader of BNL, Ebuta Akor Takon, and Chief Head of Operations of BNL, Henry Edet, the group said its resolution in 2016, otherwise known as ‘Ekukunela Declarations’ made in the town of Ekukunela in Ikom, Cross River State, fails to recognize what it described as the Anglo-German Treaty which Cameroon relied upon at the International Court of Justice to claim the Peninsula.

The group said the treaty was made by colonial masters and not with the natives, adding that it has decided to “destabilize the peace in the Gulf of Guinea unless Biafra is allowed to separate from Nigeria and Cameroon.”

“Those clamoring for Igbo Presidency in the South-East as the reason behind the agitation for Biafra should desist from doing so.

“The interest of other Biafrans, especially the Bakassi people cannot be solved by an Igbo man becoming President.

“They should stop talking about Igbo Presidency, that’s not what we are fighting for. Biafra does not belong to the Igbo where they will tell us that they want to be President, it’s wrong.

“God has made it in a way that the Igbo will always be in the forefront of the struggle as the majority tribe, but it will be disappointing if they accept the Presidency.

“We are not just fighting for Igbo, but for all Biafrans including the Bakassi people under Cameroon bondage.”


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