Global Igbo Day Of Prayers Slated For October 22 In Enugu

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A global call has been made by the world Igbo leaders for a day of prayers slated for October 22nd 2022, for God’s intervention and new beginning for all the Igbo speaking people across the world, NjenjeMediaNews News reports.

The event which shall hold at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, from 10am, is titled EKPERE MA KA IHU IGBO (intercession for cleansing and progress of Igbo nation), and is being convened by notable sons and daughters of Igbo nation under the auspices of Ihu Igbo Ohuru.

Speaking in a live broadcast at Awka, the Coordinator of Ihu Igbo Ohuru, Chief Dr Mrs Ifeanyichukwu Nkemakonam Ilonzo, said that invitees to the programme are all concerned Igbo men and women, including political leaders, religious leaders, artisans, business tycoons, students, professionals, jobless, civil servants, self-employed, among others.

Ilonzo, however warned that the outing had no political, religious or fetish undertone, so none should come to showcase superiority or discrimination of any kind, because it’s strictly for prayers, for atonement of our sins, forgiveness, declaration and pronouncements for God to rule over our affairs and land.

According to Ilonzo who is also the founder, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA)-Awka, no fetish things or weapons of war will be allowed into the venue, and whoever tries otherwise will face the full wrath of law and curses from God, Almighty.

“It is not a must that everyone should come to the venue. You can observe the prayers at home if you can’t make it physically to the venue. On that day (October 22,2022), every Igbo son and daughter is expected to fetch (buy) some saint leaf (nchu-onwu/nchu-anwu/arigbe/arije). Wash it and bathe with the water.

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” Or just pour some of the water in your mouth and pour it out again. Speak positively to your life and our land. Forgive those who offended you. Ask God to forgive you. Recant any curse or curses you laid on yourself or people for any reason. Do this thing first in the morning before you go to any place; church, markets, visitations, etc. that day. 

“God has remembered Ndigbo. He wants us to wipe our tears. He will use this prayers to cleanse us from our iniquities curses and wrath we incurred on ourselves. Some parents usually lay curses on their children out of frustration or anger. When they noticed this, pride won’t allow them to recant. These curses manifest in various ways. This is why our people are killed all over the world. This is why we kill ourselves. This is why people die anyhow. 

“Curses turned some to become useless, jobless, kidnappers, cannibals, unfruitful, etc. Some are curses from their parents, relatives or what they brought upon themselves knowingly or unknowingly. Don’t forget to do this on 22 October to cleanse yourselves, families and our land. 

“Those who can come for the prayers should also come to the venue at 10am. But don’t come to the venue with saint-leaf. We don’t need it at our prayer ground. Instead, use it at home before coming. If you are outside Nigeria, go to Nigeria/African markets to buy saint-leaf and do as I revealed. This is revelation I got from God. God never failed.

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” All my prophesies usually come to pass. I am the woman God used to save President Muhammadu Buhari when he was Military Head of State and wanted to visit old Anambra State. This saved many Igbo men who would died in the process. I predicted the coup against Buhari Government and it came to pass. You can go to Google Search to read more about what God used me to. God has also used me to save many sick people. All are on internet for you to read as well,” she maintained.