Nigeria’s Politicians: When Swearing An Oath Of Office Is A Declaration Of War – Ndidi Uwechue

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Two very unfortunate things see to it that Nigeria has remained a “criminal enterprise”. Otherwise Aburi and much later PRONACO, had been missed opportunities to have set Nigeria free to become stable, and thus assured of continuing as one unit going into the future. The two unfortunate things that ruin Nigeria’s chances of longevity are #1) The deliberately inflicted ignorance of the population, and #2) The low morality quotient of both the middle class and the elite. 

Exasperating as it may be to observe, the ignorance of the masses is not their fault, and it can be reversed with a change in social and constitutional arrangements. Whereas, it is a choice for the middle class and elite, the creators of society’s values, to be such as they are. 

The situation in Nigeria is that despite the obstacles placed in their way, the non-violent NINAS Movement for Self-Determination has managed to create a growing countrywide consensus against the continued operation of the illegitimate forgery called the 1999 Constitution, the current instrument of governance. The middle class and elite are aware that the 1999 Constitution has been rejected, and even Repudiated, and they know that Nigeria became a Disputed Project from 16thDecember 2020 when the joint multi-regional NINAS Movement proclaimed a Constitutional Force Majeure with a Notice of constitutional grievances and demand for Transitioning Process for an ORDERLY reconfiguration of the constitutional basis of Nigeria. Lacking the moral make-up to face the FACTS that the 1999 Constitution is a FORGERY, that it is UNJUST and UNDEMOCRATIC to keep on with this fraud, and that a Constitutional Force Majeure has now been thrown into the political and constitutional space, the middle class and elite ignore these, in the (vain) hope that the future will continue to be manipulated to favour their positions in society.

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The worst among them are the politicians: both those holding or seeking office, plus members of political parties. For, in Nigeria, all political parties SUBSCRIBE to the illegitimate 1999 Constitution, whether it is an established party, a new party, an anti-corruption party, a youth party, or whatever party. They ALL endorse and champion that fraud and deceit called the 1999 Constitution.

Regarding the issue of serving politicians, they swear an Oath of Office to uphold, defend, and govern by the 1999 Constitution,in so doing they RENEW THE LIFE of the illegitimate 1999 Constitution. Thus, serving politicians of Ethnic Nations ARE RESPONSIBLE for actually bringing the harmful effects of that 1999 Constitution upon their own people. It has now been established by survivors and independent observers that there is an ongoing genocide against indigenous peoples by well-armedFulani militias for land grab so as to establish a Fulani Caliphate in their hope to bring about Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 1960 that Nigeria is to be “an estate” of the Fulani. It is that 1999 Constitution that PREVENTS indigenous peoples from equipping themselves with matching weapons for protection, and to repel any armed invaders. Serving politicians know this,yet they cold-heartedly continue to uphold the 1999 Constitution over their people. This is why, especially in the Middle Belt but spreading southwards, indigenous peoples are being slaughtered on a regular basis by armed Fulani. It is quite scandalous that a false Document enables this slaughter. It must be understoodclearly that that Document is both introduced into ancestral lands, and is then also upheld, by serving politicians – against their own people’s welfare, and endangering the lives of their people. When a politician brings death and destruction upon his people by placing upon them (via his Oath of Office) a fraudulent Document that is dishonestly titled the “1999 Constitution” which the people have Repudiated, and which facilitates armed Fulani to slaughter his defenceless peopleincluding children, is that not a declaration of war upon his people? It is for the Reader, and for all reasonable people to think this through!

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At their high point, believing themselves to be invincible, the Nazis in power and in authority never knew that one day their war (genocide) against unarmed Jews would be stopped, and that they would face NUREMBERG! Serving politicians of the NINAS Territory (South and Middle Belt) should reconsider their treachery against their people, and should stop being an enemy of their people by upholding the death-bringing 1999 Constitution. That 1999 Constitution was not made by “we the people” as it falsely claims and it has been Repudiated. Therefore, serving politicians should do the right thing, and do the right thing the right way. That means, they should notmanipulate and push their people to General Elections in 2023 torenew the life of the sham 1999 Constitution yet again. Instead, they should SUSPEND Elections 2023, get political parties to CLOSE SHOP even if temporarily, while they go to Transitional Government where current political office holders would retain their positions, and there would be Self-Determination Regional Referendums where “we the people” decide the future of the Union called Nigeria. 

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.