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Gov. Oyebanji Urges Solidarity and Support for Tinubu


Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, has exonerated President Bola Tinubu from responsibility for the current economic challenges, asserting that these issues precede his assumption of office. Oyebanji remains optimistic about Tinubu’s capability to address the challenges with time and support. Speaking during the monthly Evening of Praise and Worship program in Ado Ekiti, the governor urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the Federal Government. Emphasizing that palliatives offer only a temporary fix to the food crisis, Oyebanji encouraged all Nigerians to embrace farming and contribute to the nation’s growth and deve

In his address, he urged fellow children of God to maintain faith and intensify prayers for Nigeria, Ekiti State, and the President. Oyebanji empathetically acknowledged the challenges but emphasized that the President is not the root cause, asserting that God has equipped him for this critical period. Stressing the need for support, prayers, understanding, and encouragement, the governor appealed to citizens not to discourage the President.

Expressing gratitude for having a courageous leader prepared by God for such a time, Oyebanji pleaded for unity in providing the necessary help and prayers. He acknowledged the resilience of Ekiti people in maintaining peace and assured continued efforts to alleviate burdens. However, Oyebanji candidly highlighted the temporary nature of palliatives, stating that such measures won’t offer a permanent solution to the challenges, and urged Nigerians to recognize the significance of sustainable efforts over quick fixes.

“We have embarked on a programme that by next year, we will have food sufficiency in this state, because, if we don’t make haste now, I pray next year will not be worse than this. We must be able to grow ourselves out of hunger, which is what the President told us last week.
“Government will do its own bit, but you have to go back to the farm. So, no matter how small, let’s start bit by bit, you have to grow what you will eat and at least be able to feed ourselves,” be added.

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