Rev David Salami Admonishes The Church To Stop Aiding Fulanization & Says The Yoruba Delegation To NINAS Insists Elections 2023 Be Suspended For Transitioning

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Rev David Salami Admonishes The Church To Stop Aiding Fulanization & Says The Yoruba Delegation To NINAS Insists Elections 2023 Be Suspended For Transitioning
By NINAS Movement
21 September 2022

Reverend Dr David Taoheed Salami who is a director, World Evangelism Ministry and founder of the NGO called Rustica Urbana Development Initiative speaks to the Church in Nigeria, to Yoruba Nation, to Nigerians, and to the international community. He says that today Nigeria is at a critical juncture, and it is a time for concerned Nigerians to step out and be involved in saving Nigerians from what they face, and will face if they do nothing, or continue to help the oppressor. He uses the woeful comments of a young Nigerian girl whose complaints are that all her life she has seen nothing good about Nigeria, and the future looks hopeless to her, blaming the political class for the miserable condition that ordinary Nigerians are in, and the failure of parents and society for not having challenged the political class and the elites.

Rev Salami then says:
“…We have refused to confront the entire rottenness, and the people that caused this problem for years. The Nigerian church, the body of Christ has been in the forefront of praying for Nigeria yet the situation in Nigeria is getting worse to the extent that Nigeria has become today the poverty capital of the entire world and with this present situation the questions keep on coming, where did we get it wrong? Where did we the Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria miss it, that today gross darkness covers the entire landscape of Nigeria? Are we so reprobate to the extent that our prayers have become abomination in the ears of our God…?”
“… The nation we call our own is moving fast towards a precipice: the insecurity is so rife that the situation here can be compared to the days of when there were no kings in Israel and lawlessness took over the stage. To me, I believe strongly that our God is speaking to us as He did to the children of Israel in the days of Isaiah. This is captured in Isaiah 58: 1 – 14”

Rev Salami went on to read this portion of Scripture that describes God’s heart for Equity and Justice. Where Isaiah calls out the people for their sinful behavior, yet they exhibited the piety of regular attendance at the Temple and constant praying. Such hypocrisy was condemned, God was displeased with their pious displays while they neglected the condition of the poor, and did nothing to set the oppressed free.

Rev Salami said that today the Church in Nigeria and its leaders are watching the wicked perpetrating their wickedness in all areas of the country’s life since Independence when Ahmadu Bello had declared that Nigeria should be an estate of the Fulani who must ruthlessly prevent a change of power, use the minorities in the Middle Belt as willing tools, and the South be a conquered territory. He made it clear it was wrong for the Church and its leaders to allow this wickedness to continue to this day. As an example he contrasted the injustice imposed upon Niger Deltans with the situation for people in Zamfara.

Rev Salami continued:
“… What a deceitful type of governance that Nigeria has featured. We got to this point because of the 1999 fraudulent Constitution. The indigenous nationalities are crying like in prophet Jeremiah’s day: ‘the harvest is past and we are not saved’. Which means the indigenous nationalities are crying to the church, weeping, groaning; because the Scripture says the entire Creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God which means it is only the Church that can deliver these indigenous nationalities. It’s only the church that has been empowered by God to deliver, and break the yoke that is placed upon the neck of all the indigenous nationalities in Nigeria suffering under the yoke or the script of Ahmadu Bello a Fulani man. God’s heart is pained concerning the suffering of Nigerians. Behold the voice of the cry of the daughter of my people is coming unto me because they dwell in a country where the leaders are oppressing them, where nobody cares for them even the Church of Jesus Christ that is supposed to take up their case and fight for their rights. The church appears to be silent…”

Rev Salami then tells the Church that “prosperity” has become the graven image to an average Nigerian church-goer. Prosperity and materialism is what they are seeking, provoking God’s anger. However, the Church and its leaders must recover the good path “because only the Christian community is endued with power, the power to change things, the power to turn things around. The power if anything will happen in Nigeria, if there will be changes, the Church must rise up and speak for the oppressed. The church will say NO! to the upcoming election in 2023 under the fraudulent 1999 Constitution forced upon us by Abubakar Abdulsalami.”

He says:
“Nigeria continues to be poorer in spite of the presence of power of the Church, and the oppressed of the nation called Nigeria continue to live in slavery. Why is the northern Fulani being allowed to continue to perpetrate the wickedness of their master-slave relationship and subjugate other ethnic nationalities to savagery in pursuit of Sir Ahmadu Bello’s script of 1960, and the church and our leaders are silent? Why the church leaders do not reject this in totality even when NINAS an alliance of indigenous nationalities for self-determination in Nigeria informs the body of Christ that this fraudulent 1999 Constitution is the source of all troubles, of all wickedness, of all pains, of all the killings of Christians and non-Christians that we are seeing right now, when the north declared their own areas as Sharia belt even though they have Christians who are indigenous in those areas?”
“This problem was analyzed by NINAS who say the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria is the source of all the problems we are trying to resolve. That is, every problem Nigerians are facing, be it corruption, be it bad educational system, be it dead infrastructures – all these are coming from the 1999 Constitution foisted upon us by Abdulsalami.”

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Rev Salami then showed the video clip of Chief John Nnia Nwodo telling us that when he had been Minister of Information under General Abdulsalami Abubakar he never saw the draft 1999 Constitution and Obasanjo was sworn in on a Constitution that had not been read by anybody, and the National Assembly could not be constituted until four days after Obasanjo’s swearing in because there was no copy of the Constitution.

Rev Salami continued:

“Nigeria cannot survive again on a fraudulent Constitution. This nation cannot stand on fraud and I expect the Church being the Church of Jesus Christ, being the Light of the nations, being the Salt of the earth: the Church of Nigeria is supposed to arise and say NO to that Constitution. But rather than the Church to say NO to the 1999 Constitution, the Church joined the politicians to continue to allow that Constitution to rule and ruin Nigeria and Nigerians… all that is wobbling Nigeria to catastrophic collapse are coming from that 1999 Constitution.”
“You can imagine ASUU demanded for 18 billion naira to revamp the university educational system and what the accountant general a young man of his age said to them, there’s no money. There’s no money to improve educational standards in Nigeria, there’s no money to train the future generations, there’s no money to keep the potentials of these young men and young women alive, there’s no money to give them hope for tomorrow, there’s no money for them to measure up with their other counterparts in the world! Yet this same callous accountant general stole from the contents of the Nigerian treasury 109 billion naira… we are saying that we should continue with this kind of lifestyle?”
“We have gotten to a level today whereby we either save Nigeria nation at the expense of Nigerians, or in the alternative we save Nigerians and kill the Nigeria nation. We must do either of the two because the time has now come, we are in a period of critical decision. We are in a period where Nigerians have to think, where the Church especially has to come alive not playing ostrich, not saying it doesn’t concern them. Let me tell you, you may have fifty thousand membership, hundred thousand membership in your church but remember when Fulani marauders come around you will be part of the people that will be slaughtered. It is no longer news, they are all over the place…”

Rev Salami then went on acknowledging that things are much worse now than they were under Dr Jonathan. That the Church supposed to be Light, and to be the bringer of Justice and Equity, went on to support the coming of Buhari. “… And today the reality has dawned on everybody, today men and women who supported him to be there, now are seeing the result of their foolishness.”

Rev Salami went on with some historical insights, saying:

“They say where we are now was what brought the 1966 military coups. How did it happen? The Constitution of Western Region was suspended by Tafawa Balewa at the instruction of Sir Ahmadu Bello the Premier of Northern Region and the eventual enthronement of Dr Majekodunmi as the sole administrator. The Western Region people waited that they will use their electoral mandate to overthrow anyone that was oppressing them. But unfortunately for them, they never knew that the first thing to do was to solve the constitutional problem, and because they didn’t know that that was the first thing to do, they went ahead for the federal election, and the federal election was rigged massively against the Action Group and the people of Western Region… They revolted, they rebelled against that government, and they wanted their mandate by all means, and then the crisis started. The military led by Kaduna Nzeogwu a fine military officer: let me tell you no matter what you say concerning Nzeogwu, Nzeogwu will remain the hero of Nigerian masses forever. No matter how you try to spoil his name, no matter what you call him and his fellow revolutionaries, because as the head of intelligence in the military he gathered information. He knew that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was tried for treason on the basis of spurious charges. The elderly man was sent to prison and they discovered that it was a kangaroo judgment. I remember the judge who did it who thought that Sardauna will help him to become the CJ of Nigeria. I remember the statement he made that day while he was handing out judgment to Awolowo. He said, “My hands are tied.” He said all that was brought before him concerning Awolowo was not enough to send the man to jail, but he had to do it in order to please Sardauna with the hope that he would be rewarded, but I praise God the man was never rewarded. He became a shame to his own people.”
“The same thing we are doing now because Nigerians have not learned it, that the constitutional problem in Nigeria was started by the suspension of the 1962 Constitution of Western Region. We proceeded to another election in 1993 where Abiola won massively. But what became of that election? General Babangida aborted that election… Eventually the military continued in our system and the 1999 Constitution came in when Abacha died. Abdulsalami took over the government and employed the legal adviser of Abacha to continue with the Constitution, and that Constitution was deliberately written to favor the north, the Fulani oligarchs… You can imagine Babangida one time when they said that Constitution should be changed he said he was ready to go to war to fight if anybody is going to change that 1999 Constitution. Why did he have to say that? Because they want to retain the power to the detriment of the masses. This cannot continue! This is where the Church needs to come up. This is where the Church leaders need to speak out and face them, and say ‘If I die, I die. If I perish, I perish’, that’s what Esther did. Mordechai rose up and confronted the situation: know fully well Esther that you yourself are not safe because when the Jews are being slaughtered, they will come back and slaughter you because you are a foreigner. Who knows whether you are being put in the palace for this period, for this reason, and that geared up Esther…she took a decision in the face of all odds… you know that the battle was won. This is what God is expecting the Church to do. This is what God is expecting the leaders, the general overseers, the bishops, the pastors to do: to arise and confront the Fulani oligarchs and say NO! we cannot continue, and say NO! the 1999 Constitution has been found to be the problem of Nigeria.”

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“Listen, the PVC Revolution will not help us because the people at the helms of affairs of the PVC are Fulani stalwarts. They will frustrate your effort. In fact they’ve already started doing that by saying not only will they use electronics but later they will use manual system to count the votes which is a way to show you that the plan is already made to rig 2023 elections… You are preparing the land for serious blood bath because the Fulani militias they are already around… They told them that Nigeria belongs to the Fulani. But listen, I want to tell you here, Nigeria does not belong to Fulani. I am a Yoruba man… I want you to realize Yoruba land is my father’s land. Nobody can take my inheritance because it is God-given, and because it is God-given, God will fight for us as we also stand up to resist the enemy of righteousness…”

There then follows three video clips:
Robert Clarke SAN saying that the fraudulent 1999 Constitution should be jettisoned completely; Senator Adeyeye telling us that the problem is the 1999 Constitution which can never give us progress, can never give us peace, and can never give us unity; Bauchi Governor Bala Mohammed saying that Fulani from all over Africa are Nigerians.

Rev Salami continued by saying that the advice by Obama to go and vote a leader of our choice does not apply in Nigeria because the system does not allow free and fair elections, so if the international community wants to help, it should join indigenous peoples to reject 2023 elections under the 1999 Constitution.

Rev Salami then said:
“It is obvious today there is a Fulani conquest agenda which already turned Nigeria into a master-servant/slave Union where the Caliphate imposed a Unitary constitutional order that has confiscated the Sovereignty of the constituent component parts of Nigeria, and this fact has been buttressed by the present murderous invasion of Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen, fully military armed, from across the entire Sahel that masquerade themselves as herdsmen.”
“Naturally, in the life of a man or a nation a critical juncture must come when a man or a family and people of the society at large must look beyond personalities and personal interests and thus begin to identify and honor the principles that will get them a better future…”
“Therefore, on behalf of the members of the Yoruba Delegation to NINAS, we reconsider our allegiance to the nation called Nigeria. Having rejected the 1999 Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Federation, and in the face of the ferocious but well-coordinated ethnic cleansing and slaughter of the murderous Fulani militia against the indigenous peoples of Nigeria, on behalf of the Yoruba Delegation to NINAS I request the initiation of a time-bound transition process to midwife the emergence of fresh constitutional protocols by a two-stage process in which the Yoruba people will at the first stage distill and ratify our own Constitution by referendum and plebiscite, in the second stage negotiate the terms of federating afresh with other constituent regional blocs as may be dictated by the outcomes of referendum and plebiscites. The killings all over the country are a calculated move to precipitate its goal of total conquest by the Fulani Caliphate ably propped by the parasitic British Crown and British Government. Without mincing words, Jihad has been declared on the Middle Belt and southern Nigeria, and most people don’t even know it as they are going about their daily activities without consciousness.”


“For the past 20 years NINAS has gone out to meet with the indigenous nationalities of the Middle Belt which was done in 2018, the southern Nigeria Yorubas in 2017, the Lower Niger bloc in 2015 on modalities to work out the framework to get back their stolen Sovereignty that was taken forcefully by sleight of hand by successive Nigerian governments, starting from July 29, 1966 when Yakubu Gowon took the reins of power in a counter coup planned and executed entirely by officers of northern extraction. Today, NINAS is speaking but no one is acting. There should be no elections under the 1999 Constitution. Going to the polls in 2023 will amount to exponential regrets, one that will surpass the tumultuous eight years of Buhari’s administration… It was even recorded in the Bible when God was speaking through men of God to His people but they hardened their hearts and blocked their ears to the words of God (see Isaiah 6: 9 and 10 and Acts of Apostles 28: 26 – 29.”

“In the second quarter of the 20th century when the evil-minded Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany amid jubilation there was a German Lutheran pastor who initially supported Hitler but became one of Hitler’s unshaken critics when he saw what Hitler was doing with extermination policies which can be likened to our situation in Nigeria under Buhari for the past seven years or so. His name was Martin Niemöller. He will be remembered for his iconic and moving quote that has become a slogan for any struggle that aims to restore the dignity of humankind it goes:
‘First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist, then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist, then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew, then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.’

“Please obey the clarion call of NINAS (Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination) now. Tomorrow might be too late don’t wait until harm comes your way before you defend yourself. There might be nobody left to support you. Listen again. Tomorrow may be too late. Going to polls in 2023 will not solve Nigeria’s problems. Bringing anybody to become president of Nigeria will not solve the problem. Even if you bring an angel to become the president of Nigeria, the 1999 Constitution will frustrate him, the Fulani oligarchs will frustrate him. So listen to me, lend me your ears. Listen carefully: don’t lead your congregation to the slaughter slab. The Fulani militias they are all over the place you do not have guns they have pump machine guns to kill you. They’ve started the work. They continue one step after the other into the rural areas. A stitch in time saves nine. Today God is speaking to you. He has given you all the power, all that you need to turn things around for this nation, but the power must be employed properly. If you say you have your voter’s card, your voter’s card cannot help you. What can help you is put an end, pull down that 1999 fraudulent Constitution. Stop the voyage to 2023 elections now so that you can save your family, so that you can save your friends, so that you can save your generation. There I stop.”
“I leave you to your own conscience. Like Paul says, ‘Your blood is no longer on my head’.”
“Thank you, and God bless you.”

Video: “Nigeria @ A CRITICAL JUNCTURE…Say No To 2023 Election”
An Address by Reverend Dr. David Taoheed Salami 18 September 2022.