NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No: 9; Parts 1-5

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Video broadcast No. 1 Status Report On Caliphate’s Plans A, B & C: 

Here NINAS reminds Nigerians of the 3 Caliphate Plans in their conquest onslaught, and warns Nigerians that they should notallow the Fulani Caliphate to CONTROL THE NARRATIVEand through that, bring in Martial Law as advised by Malami to Buhari in a leaked memo reported in June 2021. Control of the narrative is a tactic of war. In the Bernard-Henri Lévy Briefing to the USA Congress on Human Rights in Nigeria in October 2021, speaking about the slaughter going on in the country, Robert Destro, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor said:

“…I would suggest to you that those [doing the killing] are the foot soldiers of the people who are doing it. There’s a much larger control mechanism that gives these people their marching orders… We have to focus on the bad guys. We have to identify them very clearly and we have to understand that in some respects we are in the middle of an information warfare. That is the question of who controls the narrative…” (The source is in the NOTES section below)

Video broadcast: Status Report On Caliphate’s Plans A, B & C – Part 1 of 5


Video broadcast No. 2 Modalities for the Transition Proposed by NINAS Force Majeure:

Since the fraud-forgery 1999 Constitution has been Repudiated, the right and moral thing to do is not to keep on renewing the life of a forgery which is what elections do! That is why NINAS insists that Elections 2023 be suspended and Nigeria goes to Transitioning, like South Africa did to terminate an Apartheid constitutional arrangement. 

To stop all the confusion, including from those who plagiarise ortake bits of the NINAS Plan and begin to broadcast it as their idea, NINAS here explains Transitioning. In addition, since President Buhari the Commander-in-chief is now shown to be complicit in the insecurity raging in the country, it is submitted that he should in the minimum have found the presence of mind to stand down from that office of Commander-in-chief.

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Video broadcast: Modalities for the Transition Proposed by NINAS Force Majeure. Part 2 of 5


Video broadcast No. 3 2023 Elections Under 1999 Constitution: Victory For Caliphate: NINAS INTERROGATORIES:

NINAS yet again insists that the long running Union Dispute based on the two main lies in the Preamble of the 1999 Constitution must be resolved. Since these lies are against the Ethnic Nations (sovereign constituent components), it is the Ethnic Nations who will decide on the type of Union they want to be in.

There were so many red flags in the 1950s, with census rigging, with the Fulani Caliphate insisting on the North dominating parliamentary seats, etc, and indigenous peoples ignored these clear warning signs, and we see the result.

Now again, red flags are showing that Elections 2023 will deepen the miseries of Nigerians and force more to seek to flee abroad. Here NINAS urges those pushing for Elections 2023 that would renew the life of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution to learn from the mistake of 2015 when those wanting “Change” never bothered to DEFINE that change to know whether it would be possible or not; and they never examined what their “messiah” stood for. These costly mistakes need not be repeated. 

Video broadcast: 2023 Elections Under 1999 Constitution: Victory For Caliphate: Part 3 of 5. NINAS INTERROGATORIES

Video broadcast No. 4 Bad Leadership & Corruption Flow From 1999 Constitution: A Rejoinder To Peter Obi & Obi-Dients

It is resolving the Union Dispute, meaning a quarrel about the reality of the Union called Nigeria, that will fix Nigeria. Therefore, no matter who takes up leadership position, Nigerians will not enjoy Nigeria. All the problems we see, happen because the Union Agreement ie the 1999 Constitution, was not made or agreed to by “we the people”. 

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Therefore, the good man Peter Obi needs to explain to those who put their trust in him, and who believe he will bring them change, how he will be resolving the Union Dispute. Not in the “fantastically corrupt” Nigeria way, but using internationally acceptable processes of first agreeing to be in a Union, then writing its Union Agreement; and explaining to the PVC Revolution and “Obi-dients” that genuine change means having Self-Determination for indigenous Ethnic Nations. In short, Obi needs to explain his methods for resolving the Union Dispute using the words in the Preamble of that 1999 Constitution so that the Ethnic Nations would first “firmly and solemnly resolve” to live together, then “provide for a Constitution”.

Bad Leadership & Corruption Flow From 1999 Constitution: A Rejoinder To Peter Obi & Obi-Dients Part 4 of 5


Video broadcast No. 5 Nigeria In Defiance of God’s Ten Commandments: Memo to Nigerian Church Leaders

Nigeria being created by the fraud-forgery 1999 Constitution, is therefore built on a foundation of lies. A number of Church leaders consistently uphold that illegitimate Constitution before their congregations, manipulating them to “get your PVC” (voter’s card) so as to renew the life of that fraud via Elections 2023, and even say that God created the Nigeria Union built on a fraud, that is the source of miseries, and that enables armed Fulani to kill Nigerians. This is a memo to Church leaders to stop aiding the deepening of Darkness.

Nigeria In Defiance of God’s Ten Commandments: Memo to Nigerian Church Leaders Part 5 of 5


Summary Of The Bernard-Henri Lévy Briefing To USA Congress On Human Rights In Nigeria: Genocide Perpetrators Identified.

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