There Is No Difference Between IPOB and Ndigbo — Dele Momodu


Ovation Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu has opined that it would be hard to separate the Indigenous People of Biafra from the acceptance it has with the average Igbo man.

Momodu who made this known in a Virtual interview with Maazi Ezeoke on Njenje Media TV was reacting to the statement by Adamu Garba where he opined that President Buhari’s controversial deleted tweet was directed at IPOB and not the Ndigbo.

In his words:

“For me, there is no difference between IPOB and Ndigbo , so the fact that and I will tell you why. I once experienced a bombing in London by IRA (Irish Republic Airy) When they were fighting for freedom and they use to throw bomb all across London and then, they had a Political Wing then, I’m sure you remember the history of that very very very tough moment in English history. So they were throwing bombs around but I never heard any prime minister. I think maybe TONY BLAIR was the Prime Minister then. I never heard them say we are going to bomb everybody or we are going to deal with them in a language that they understand. They kept dialoguing, they never get tired of dialoguing even if you are going to use Carrot and Sticks, you don’t come out on live television and say I’m going to deal with them sooner than later. Infact, it’s even like a deadline to meet and very soon they’re going to bow down. And you know and even IPOB have monitored alot of their broadcasts. They denied some of these things, do you understand?’

According to Mr Momodu, the government should never get tired of talking to people as dialogue solves more than the use of brute force. He furthermore berated berated President Buhari for being aloof to understanding the plight of the people and aslo his disdain for dissenting voices of agitation of citizens.

You can watch the full interview here:


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