Anambra Election 2021, The Contract To Sign With Ndi-Anambra -Ayo Akinfe


Let us get the ball rolling in the forthcoming Anambra elections by getting all the candidates to sign a document called Contract With Anambrans

Ayo Akinfe

(1) Nnewi will be turned into the Detroit of Africa with a pledge to woo every autobiography manufacturer in the world there by 2025. Ever car company must have a local manufacturing plant in Nnewi

(2) By 2025, Anambra State will generate at least $100bn internally. It will subsequently withdraw from the federal allocation money sharing regime becoming the first Nigerian state to do so

(3) The Anambra State government will attract private sector investors to build four River Niger crossings. One of these will be the world’s first aquarium bridge

(4) The Anambra State government will woo private investors to expand the Onitsha port and turn it into Africa’s largest cargo port

(5) Anambra State will commit to spending at least 40% of its annual budget on education

(6) Class sizes in both primary and secondary schools across Anambra State will not exceed 30 under any circumstance

(7) All local governments across Anambra State will be given full autonomy to run their affairs as they deem fit. The governor will not touch a penny of their annual budgets

(8) Every year, the Anambra State government must build a minimum of 20,000 housing units

(9) Anyone who has lived in Anambra State for three years and paid taxes will be conferred with the title of citizen

(10) Every Anambra State governor will be compelled by law to create a minimum of 50,000 jobs a year


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