Diaspora Donation: Peter Obi Hasn’t Broken Any Law, APC Violated It Themselves In 2015 — Lady Releases Details

SWAGA Mocks Peter Obi, Labels Him Presidential Candidate Of Social Media Party
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A popular Twitter influencer and political analyst identified as Nefertiti @firstladyship has given reasons why Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi did not break any known electoral law over diasporian remittance.

In a thread post on her Twitter page, she revealed how the APC actually broke the rules themselves.

Her tweet thread reads below:


Nigerians of immense goodwill, organized events in the diaspora & invited Peter Obi to speak. This is the same way Arise TV & Channels TV in Nigeria invites Obi & others to speak to Nigerians on their platforms. WALK WITH ME, it’s a thread.

2. Charges at such events is for the organizers, not for Obi. I’m sure the naysayers in Nigeria are aware of this already. The Electoral Law does not preclude “Individuals or Candidates” from receiving monies from diaspora. Just like diaspora remittances are not illegal.

3. Electoral Law only precludes “political parties” from receiving monies from the diaspora. So Peter Obi as an “individual” can receive, just like every other Nigerian. But, “he cannot receive more than N50m from an individual, or more than N5bn in total from diaspora Nigerians.

4. The flippant APC violated these Laws in 2015. They did so in a brazen fashion. The “Buhari Support Group” Account domiciled with First Bank, received monies from Nigerians in diaspora. We don’t know how much was received, Buhari did not render any account.

5. The docile & incompetent PDP did not do their due diligence or oversight, they were more interested in moving Ghana-Must-Go bags around. They looted Nigeria dry. Now the APC wants to weaponize that law in order to witch-hunt & try to stop Peter Obi, but they came too late.

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6. Peter Obi has not violated any law(s), & he does not intend to. He is way more smarter than the APC. The law(s) will be challenged if/when necessary. When the time comes, Nigerians at home & in the diaspora will contribute their widow’s mite,

7. just like they have always sent monies back home to their friends & families in Nigeria. Isn’t it bad enough that the “system” in Nigeria was built to keep diaspora Nigerians out of the game through Voter disenfranchisement?

8. The system intends to disenfranchise diaspora Nigerians from sending monies to their loved ones in Nigeria. THAT WILL NOT STAND! If Nigeria doesn’t reject the over $18 billion diaspora remittances annually, then Nigeria must not preclude the “voices” of diaspora Nigerians.

9. This is a form of Neocolonialism, & it must not stand!! The broken system in Nigeria is designed to keep the highly qualified diaspora Nigerians out, away from participating in the politics of their country. It is called “State Capture.” Nigeria is built to keep people in.

10. Few bad eggs captured every institution for themselves, to do as they please. In 2027, diaspora must be allowed to vote. Nigeria cannot continue to exist in isolation. If Kenya allows prisoners & diaspora voting, Nigeria should be no different. Giant of Africa no be by mouth.

11. This was Buhari & the APC.😏🙄 https://t.co/eJzaIb1tVm

12. APC & PDP bought delegates with dollars. The skyrocketing inflation in Nigeria today was caused by both party primaries. So beyond of all these brouhaha & tactics of both parties, Nigerians are looking to the bright side. Diaspora remittances will boost the Economy in tatters.

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