Who Are The “Willing Tools” Helping The Fulani Caliphate? – Ndidi Uwechue

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Who Are The “Willing Tools” Helping The Fulani Caliphate?
Ndidi Uwechue

To start off, Fulanization means Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 12 th October 1960 that Nigeria is
to become an “estate” of the immigrant settler Fulani. Where the lands of indigenous peoples
are to be “conquered territory”, and its peoples are never to be allowed control over their
future. In essence therefore, Fulanization is warfare by the Fulani against the rest of Nigeria. In
his infamous 1960 Declaration, Ahmadu Bello had made boastful mention of “willing tools”. A
willing tool is someone who is actually eager to be used. Bello had been certain that the Fulani
would find willing tools among the indigenous peoples, and given where Nigeria has come to,
he had been right. There are three main things to note about Nigeria’s willing tools:
1. Without willing tools, Fulanization can never happen, thus, willing tools bring success for
2. Since it is evident Fulanization is happening, then willing tools are present, and active.

3. A willing tool is an individual from the South or Middle Belt who helps push the
Fulanization agenda, even though this agenda is against the good, and against the
welfare of his own people.

A willing tool would therefore be someone who would be in some kind of leadership position so
as to be able to have the authority and resources to drag Nigerians to a place where the Fulani
Caliphate wants them to be. Most willing tools will therefore be politicians. But others are
traditional rulers, cultural leaders, religious leaders, top civil servants, top media people,
influencers, heads of NGOs and CSOs etc. Since Nigerians can see Fulanization happening all
around them, they should be asking: “Who exactly are the “willing tools” helping with
Fulanization? Some willing tools would be openly supported by the Fulani Caliphate, but for
most, that support would be done in secret. That is not a problem in identifying who is a willing
tool because here, “by their fruit you shall know them”, applies.

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Now, the next thing to identify is what exactly is the key source, ie the foundation of the
Fulani’s power today over Nigerians? For, it is that which the Caliphate and their people will
guard with all their might, and seek to preserve. Fortunately, the source of the Caliphate’s
power has been identified by the NINAS Movement: it is the document known as 1999

Constitution. Before now, it had been Military Decrees. Indeed, the 1999 Constitution is
Military Decree 24, deceitfully renamed “1999 Constitution”. That 1999 Constitution (a forgery)
brings about Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of conquest so very well, and its provisions are
incredibly unjust and cruel to the indigenous peoples. How did this 1999 Constitution get
foisted upon Nigerians? It was with the help of “flawed characters” working as willing tools to
manipulate and deceive the people, holding different positions as previously mentioned,
including quite unpleasantly, Christian leaders, for they have the open trust of Nigerians. Thus,
the voice of what was to become the NINAS Movement against the sham 1999 Constitution got
deliberately muffled for the benefit of the Caliphate.

Observe that in his 1960 Declaration, Ahmadu Bello made it clear that the aim of the Caliphate
is to control the indigenous peoples and their lands. In order to achieve that goal, the
Sovereignty and the Self-Determination of the Ethnic Nations must be overridden – which is
precisely what the 1999 Constitution does, via its (lying) Preamble. Thus, let it be well
understood that the job of the willing tool is to PRESERVE the 1999 Constitution, in particular

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The willing tool can be recognised as someone with authority or with influence (whether
political, secular, or religious) who will firstly insist that the 1999 Constitution is not really the
problem of Nigeria. He will find another reason, typically saying that the problem is leadership,
or economic, or even ethnic or religious bigotry, or some such. However, if pushed, the willing
tool may admit that a Constitution made by the people is required, but he would say that it is
politicians eg the National Assembly who would either tinker around with the 1999 Constitution
(“amendments”), or would be the ones to produce a new Constitution for the people. These are
deceptions because a Constitution is made by those with Sovereignty, so by “we the people”
and not by any politician, or group of them. What Nigerians MUST lock their attention into, in
order to identify a willing tool, is the Preamble of the 1999 Constitution, because a willing tool
will lie and deceive as if his life depends on it, and not be prepared to confront, then correct the
false claims and falsehoods in the Preamble. Some willing tools may even talk about
Restructuring means things like state police, or giving more autonomy to the states, or
resource control. But check them out – they are not dealing with the key matter of the
Preamble, which brings about a Union Dispute.

The willing tools and the Caliphate should give it up. It is a United Nations principle that
indigenous Ethnic Nations in their ancestral lands are to enjoy their inalienable right to Self-
Determination. The fraudulent 1999 Constitution has been Repudiated, and a Constitutional
Force Majeure declared since 16 th December 2020 to Terminate its illegitimate operation in the
NINAS Alliance Territory. Africa does not need yet another full blown armed conflict because

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the Fulanization conquest agenda will of course be resisted. With each passing day, Buhari’s
Fulani-dominated government is being discredited, and the willing tools who have chosen to
uphold or defend that illegitimate 1999 Constitution, the instrument of Fulanization, will be
held accountable. Many Nigerians have already been killed for Fulanization, and we must
prevent even more people being killed under that 1999 Constitution. Therefore, Elections 2023
are to be suspended so that Nigeria goes into Transitioning. That is the due process way of
Terminating the 1999 Constitution. The NINAS Plan with the procedures has been on the Table.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired
Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure,
and she writes from Abuja.